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Sacred Mortality

since 2022

Holistic & personalized end-of-life services

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Our Vision

Dedicated to destigmatizing end-of-life care, Sacred Mortality is committed to revolutionizing the way we approach this profound journey. Our vision is rooted in providing compassionate, knowledgable and individual-focused services and resources that not only respect but celebrate the choices of our clients. At the heart of our philosophy is a holistic approach, addressing the intricate tapestry of physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We always aim to craft a personalized and deeply meaningful experience for all.

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Through the tender guidance of a death doula, we find strength in vulnerability and courage in surrender.

Our Services

Sacred Mortality is dedicated to providing personalized care.

Companioning Services

As experienced companions on the path towards the end of life, we specialize in creating a serene and comforting environment tailored to each unique individual.

Plant Care & Guidance

We specialize in providing compassionate care that is also environmentally conscious. We offer guidance in herbalism and utilize eco-friendly practices to ensure a gentle and sustainable journey.

Legacy Projects

By exploring your personal values and vision, we can work together to shape an environment that reflects your unique perspective and aspirations.

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Our Founder

Alysha Suryah

Death doula & thanatologist

Alysha Suryah (she/they) is a compassionate advocate for embracing life's most profound journeys – including loss and death. With a deep understanding of the significance of human connection, community building, and restorative education, Alysha is dedicated to supporting individuals and communities during pivotal moments in life, such as death and reproductive loss. Her holistic approach fosters healing and growth, making end-of-life planning and discussions meaningful and transformative experiences.

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